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BusinessShop for suppliers

Reach relevant, new customers with your own e-catalogue, a Unite BusinessShop. Make it easy for customers to access your standardised assortment in just one click through their preferred procurement system.

Unite BusinessShop Suppliers Add Customers

Add customers, not admin

A BusinessShop is a scalable solution that helps you grow your business quickly, while keeping the administrative burden to a minimum. Connect to as many customers as you want with ease and nurture the relationships that matter.

Unite BusinessShop Suppliers Transform

Transform the way you connect

With one-time catalogue upload, businesses buy through their existing ERP or e-procurement system – or get direct access through our Procurement Portal. And with our single-creditor solution, it’s never been easier for your customers to start shopping.

Matthias Wachter, FRAKO

With the BusinessShop, we have not only optimized costs and processes, but definitely also created added value for the customer

Matthias Wachter, Head of After Sales and Internal Sales at FRAKO GmbH

Unite BusinessShop Suppliers Updates

Stay in control of updates

With a digitised catalogue, you can synchronise updates for all your customers at once. And with streamlined catalogue management, you can relax, knowing customers have the latest product information.

Unite BusinessShop Suppliers Individual Pricing

Offer individual pricing and more

Enjoy a scalable solution with individuality built in. Stand out from the competition by offering one-to-one prices or assortments to your customers, matching existing framework agreements and meeting their control needs for your version updates.

The one-click way to start buying

BusinessShops don’t just benefit suppliers. If you’re a buyer, there are hundreds of businesses to choose from. Activate your favourites in the Unite Store and get buying right away, or find new suppliers and build partnerships.

Inside your BusinessShop

Create a digital catalogue

We can help you set up an e-catalogue, bringing your business online. Digitised already? You’re good to go.

In the Unite Store

Upload your logo, select your product categories, and list your BusinessShop in the Unite Store for easy customer search.

Update your offer

Update your catalogue whenever you like, and make changes available to your customers.

All your details

Include all the information customers need to learn about your business and your USPs in your profile.

Contract management

Activate your catalogue for new customers, and assign business-specific pricing and conditions.

Three ways to transact


  • Direct contact with your customers
  • Single ordering channel (email or HTTPS)
  • Standard, electronic order format and processing
  • Customers keep existing catalogues, invoicing and payment processes

Order to Cash

  • Single-creditor option for your customers
  • Lean billing and payment processes
  • Direct customer contact
  • Flexible partnership with platform advantages

Our serviced option

  • Single-creditor option for your customers
  • Single debtor for you
  • Credit worthiness guarantee
  • Customer service can be outsourced

Get started

Ready to open your BusinessShop?