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Switch on suppliers and build your network

On Unite, search, invite and activate BusinessShops to suit your strategy. That way, you enjoy a customised B2B marketplace with the added benefits of easy contract management, system integration and a streamlined P2P process. Your platform, your choice.

Unite Activate fuss-free Sourcing

Fuss-free supplier sourcing and set-up

Choose from a wide range of pre-integrated, verified suppliers in the Unite Store, and activate their Business Shops in just one click. Can’t find your favourites? Invite preferred suppliers to join and access your existing assortment and negotiated terms.

Unite Activate Seamless Integration

Use with Mercateo for a seamless integration

Connect with our Procurement Portal, Mercateo, to create a seamless purchasing experience, and benefit from the quickest adoption of Unite’s network functionalities.

Activate Connect Procurement System

Connect to your procurement system

Access the supplier network on Unite and your activated Business Shops with your ERP or e-procurement system. It’s easy to keep collaborating with your partners and stay compliant. And if you need to switch systems, simply take your network, contracts, and creditor with you.

Unite Activate Control Buying 1

Control buying from tailor-made to tail end

Pick and choose Business Shop suppliers to build a B2B marketplace that meets your needs. From popular retailers to specialist manufacturers, it’s easy to get started and buy from the suppliers you’ve selected.

Unite Activate Bundle Payments

Look leaner and bundle payments smarter

Say goodbye to process stress with our standardised digital P2P experience. Now all your Business Shop suppliers are stored in one system, no matter their catalogue size. And with our single-creditor set-up, you can diversify your supply chain without increasing your workload.

Build a better network with Unite

Source suppliers

Find pre-integrated Business Shops ready to connect from a diverse range of B2B suppliers in the Unite Store

Invite your suppliers

Invite your suppliers to open a Business Shop, agree on one-to-one conditions, or open a Plus version for even more control.

Manage contracts

Manage all the information about your chosen suppliers and framework agreements - contracts, contact details and billing info.

Gain market insights

Get even more from Unite with access to add-ons. Gain valuable insights into your purchasing strategy, cost efficiency, and KPIs.

Take action on Unite. Make the switch today.