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Our pioneering B2B platform brings buyers and sellers together for mutual benefit. Our solutions include our Spotmarket, Procurement Portal (Mercateo) and Financial Services*, elevated by the Unite platform.

Unite Connections

We facilitate connections in bold, new ways

Alongside anonymous spot-buying and one-to-one partnerships, our platform is centred around the evolution of enduring and effective relationships, supporting business continuity and supply chain resilience.

Unite Work

Work at Unite

We want our workspaces – real and remote – to reflect our platform. That means a courageous culture where fairness, honesty, diversity and sustainability are central to all we do. And we’re always human, helping us connect and create value for others.

Connecting businesses across Europe

We’re based in Leipzig, Germany, with more than 700 employees across 14 countries. Wherever we’re located, we’re united to deliver lasting change, transform B2B commerce and strengthen local economies.