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Make payments easier for your accounts team

With a single creditor to manage, low process costs, and standardised digital invoicing, making payments with Unite is simple and transparent. Offer your accountants an easier way to bundle payments, freeing them up to focus elsewhere.

Unite Pay One Creditor

One creditor, as many suppliers as you want

One creditor shouldn’t mean missing out on supply chain diversity. With our single-creditor option, you can place all your orders – from all your activated shops and our Spotmarket – on one Unite account.

Unite Pay Streamlined Accounting

Streamlined, accurate accounting

Eliminate human error with account payable automation and e-invoicing. With all your single-creditor supplier invoices in the same format and paid to one ERP vendor, Unite helps you streamline your accounts process, save time, and cut costs.

Unite Pay Greater Visibility

Greater visibility of your spend

Easy access to order and payments data helps you see the bigger picture. Analyse your expenditure, identify potential savings, and activate individual suppliers for even greater insights with just one click.

Unite Pay Save Time

Save time with self-billing

Self-billing simplifies e-invoicing, making it easy to get set up using your own templates, while keeping maintenance to a minimum. And with VAT compliance and invoice checking taken care of too, your people can worry less about missing information and spend more time on other things.

Unite Pay Payment Terms

Payment terms to suit you

Make the most of your working capital with our flexible payment option. Whether you’re purchasing from a Spotmarket supplier, Business Shop, or Business Shop Plus, if you’re buying via the Procurement Portal, you can extend your payment terms for up to 90 days.

Ready to take the pain out of payments?