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Beyond process efficiency and profitability, we connect the economy for sustainable business.


The sustainable future of our industry rests on one simple idea: the creation of shared value. That’s why we are building a digital ecosystem that improves opportunities for innovative solutions and circular enablers. For better business and a better world.

Sustainability report

Sustainability report

Our sustainable approach applies to the way we work too. From powering our offices to improving our processes, we’re stepping up and sharing our findings. Request the report to learn what we’ve already achieved and where we’re heading.

EcoVadis score

Unite is EcoVadis certified

In January 2022, EcoVadis rated our CSR activities once again. In the individual categories, Unite Holding SE (Group) features among the top 17% of companies rated by EcoVadis in the wholesale, fee-based, or contract-based industry.

Fair Tax Mark

Unite was awarded the Fair Tax Mark in September 2022. The accreditation by the Fair Tax Foundation underlines our commitment to responsible tax practices, social commitment and tax transparency.

Armed Forces Covenant

We're committed to fostering an inclusive and thriving culture where veterans and serving armed forces personnel can prosper and continue to make invaluable contributions to our shared success.

With Unite, you can be sure that you are making informed, sustainable decisions that contribute to shaping a better future for all. Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future.

Eva Winkler, Sustainability Product Manager at Unite

Our policies

Our long-lasting relationships with our customers, partners and colleagues are based on strong foundations.

Code of Conduct

Our business partners place a lot of trust in the network. That’s why our rules and regulations make fairness and transparency the basis for all interactions on Unite.

Unite Modern Slavery Act Statement

We're committed to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 Statement and are making extensive efforts to minimise the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our own operations and supply chain.

Gift Policy

Building lasting relationships with our business partners depends on fairness, trust and transparency. Our Gift Policy covers the exchange of customary courtesies and small, appropriate gifts.

Managed supply

We hold high standards for all our partnerships, and especially for our Spotmarket suppliers. Choosing to collaborate only with carefully evaluated, high-quality suppliers.

Privacy policy

Data drives our platform and empowers all its participants to create and share value, which is why we handle it with so much care.


We see ourselves as a trustworthy and responsible partner. If you notice something that’s in breach of Unite policies or a legal violation, you can report it anonymously through our whistleblowing system.

Eva Nonnenmacher, Unite

At Unite, compliance means communication. Our policies reflect our company values, so it’s easy to bring them to life.

Eva Nonnenmacher, Legal Team at Unite

Diversity, our people and platform

We’re building a diverse workplace and platform with opportunities for everyone.

Diversity Charter

As a proud signatory of the Charta der Vielfalt, we promote the recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity in business culture – not just in Germany but wherever our employees work.

Minority Supplier Development UK

We want to bring greater diversity to supply chains across Europe. As an MSDUK supporter, we’re part of a community that champions British ethnic minority businesses, working collaboratively to build a more inclusive economy.

Unite Academy

Through our successful training scheme, we offer all employees the opportunity to learn new skills, take on new challenges, and achieve their professional goals.

Corporate Health Management

Healthy employees, healthy business. Our Corporate Health Management Team ensures our people are in great shape – mentally and physically. This Barmer Health award-winning scheme includes sports programmes, ergonomics advice and free counselling sessions.

Supporting volunteers

We encourage our people to make a difference outside of Unite. Whether they’re volunteering for a local charity or championing a global cause.

Company values

Our values are intrinsic to our culture and all we do – from welcoming diverse perspectives to our optimistic outlook. Stay tuned, our values will be making their debut soon.

Heike Eichler, Unite

From helping employees set up their workspace to booking vaccination appointments, we’re shaping a healthy future for our colleagues.

Heike Eichler, Corporate Health Management at Unite