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Join the digital revolution with Unite

Procurement professionals are demanding smart, efficient solutions. With Unite, you reap the rewards of a digital platform, including a presence on over 40 ERP and e-procurement systems, without losing one-to-one partnerships with your customers.

Unite Connect One Catalogue

One catalogue, countless connections

Upload your e-catalogue once and create a BusinessShop that reaches an unlimited number of new customers. Avoid endless admin and maintenance while strengthening existing partnerships. With a Unite BusinessShop, you always stay directly connected to your customers.

Unite Connect Individual Needs

Meet individual needs

Offer a full array of conditions all from one connection, and keep control of who can access your catalogue and how. Choose transaction services and terms that suit your customers – from product assortment to payment options.

Unite Connect Sales Soar

See your sales soar

Differentiate your offer and become more visible outside your industry. Our intuitive platform puts your business on the radar of the right people, reducing cost of sales and driving new customers to your door.

Unite Connect Getting Paid

Getting paid, at your service

Benefit from fast and efficient processes thanks to our single-debtor service. From customer set-up and data management to transaction and order processing – reduce the administrative burden on your business.

Happy customers

Unite delivers big benefits to your customers too, including one-click shop activation, one-to-one conditions, and a single-creditor service. 

Just one-click, Unite makes it so simple

Instant activation

Customers can access your BusinessShop with a click, making it easy to browse your product assortment and find what they need.

On their terms

They benefit from negotiated terms and one-to-one conditions, and can stick with their existing procurement platform – no additional set-up required.

Process optimisation

With our single-creditor option, customers can place all their orders on one Unite account, cutting processing costs and saving time.